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We help spiritual seekers, conscious couples, and individuals attract and maintain high-vibrational relationships without repeating toxic and co-dependent patterns by teaching them 7 Sacred Self-Care Rituals.
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7 Sacred Self-Care Rituals
Learn about a powerful system and a self care routine that will raise your vibration to attract high vibe connections at an accelerated rate.
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The world needs high-vibrational individuals and conscious relationships more than ever before.
We want to show you how to transform the way you connect and manifest.

What You Will Learn From This Masterclass:
Shift #1: How To End Unconscious Connection Dynamics & Destroy Karmic Patterns
Integrate a higher perspective about relationships without unconsciously swiping, wishing, waiting, and praying for your soul partner to magically show up on random dating apps or blind dates. Discover the soul mate attraction formula.
Shift #2: Self-Care Rituals Designed To Increase Your Vibration & Upgrade Your Self-Love Game!!
Learn how to cultivate a vulnerably deep unconditional self-love for your inner-child where you no longer feed unconscious habits that continue to consume you into shadows of loneliness and abandonment.
Shift #3: The Secret To The Law Of Attraction & Accelerated Power Manifestation
Radically transform and anchor your life-force energy towards attracting the most authentic and fulfilling relationships. Tap into techniques that propel you to step into your power in order to manifest whatever your heart truly desires.
Ivan Rose
Who You Will Learn With:
Ivan Rose is the founder of Western Lotus Moon. He has helped wandering souls all over the world to re-discover their purpose and re-awaken the inner-child with a heart-centered passion towards cultivating conscious relationships on a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and multi-dimensional level.
Ivan is an extra-sensory empath, spiritual intuitive healer, self-published author, and independent music artist focused on light language transmissions with his 4 octave vocal range.

He is a global yoga educator for 12+ years and sought after relationship coach. He loves every facet of teaching and connecting with his students.

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